Glory Ventures is a cross-border venture capital fund established by a new generation of investors with a global perspective. Already achieving excellent performance, the investment team has plentiful experience in both China and Israel's high-tech and venture capital industries. 

The unique advantages by which Glory Ventures distinguishes itself from other domestic venture capitalists lie in the fact that it is a research-driven VC that realizes the value of an entire industrial value chain. We integrate industrial resources from the private equity markets and public-listed companies to build strategic synergy. We deliberate exits by both M&A and IPO, taking into consideration of both opportunities. Thus, we strive to build an ecosystem across various industries through investment in specific value-chains and providing value-added services that lead to synergetic exits. 

With a  clear multi-industrial positioning backed by our professional and outstanding investment team, Glory Ventures has been highly recognized by Chinese first-class investors and has won the strategic investments of famous organization such as Banyan Capital, major shareholders from various A-share listed companies, founding team of Dianping.com, and many others, making it a top-tier investment ecosystem combining early-stage venture capital investment and the integration of high-end entrepreneurs and industrial resources. 

Currently, Glory Ventures invests actively in Israel and China, but our global vision encompasses much more. In Israel, Glory Ventures invests in customer-proved, disruptive innovative companies which Is synergistic with China’s enormous consumer market, including companies in the field of intelligent hardware, IoT, AI, computer vision. In China, Glory Ventures invests in subsectors such as B2B enterprise service, consumption upgrade and IoT. 

Glory Ventures currently manages a RMB Fund III and USD Fund I. Our portfolio includes 40+ stellar companies in in the fields of AI, IoT, and Fintech over half of which have won the follow-up investment from industrial capital and famous funds like HTC, Quanta Computer, Alibaba, Shanda Networks, Wind, Crystal Optoelectronics, Join-In Group, and Fortune Capital.


Cloud-based enterprise applications and services aiming to add value to SMEs
Based on cloud computing, distributed computing and virtualization technologies, efficiency of SMEs will be greatly improved. Enterprise services will become more cloud dependent, mobile and data asset driven. In Israel we focus on investment in Fintech and Cyber Security, while domestically we focus on investments in optimizing operation efficiency of enterprises.

IoT driven by smart device, artificial intelligence and big data
With the steady growth of connecting devices and data, investment opportunities arise in smart device, artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision and robotics. New services, scenarios and business values will be created. Because of its abundant high-quality talent base in design, telecom and semiconductor technologies, Israel has many innovative and fast growing startups in IoT sector. 


深浅优视 DEEPerception
Providers of automated nanometer accuracy manufacturing quality inspection module.



Glory Ventures is founded by investment professionals of the post-80s generation with strong implementation force and deep understanding in the new economy and TMT sector. Partner team has proven track record, diversified international background, as well as rich industrial resources and cross-border deal experiences from working experiences in leading venture funds (Infinity Equity, SMC Capital) and TMT industries (CASIC, SK Telecom, Qihoo360 and Shanda).


Banyan Capital

Banyan Capital is one of the top VC firms and has a total of 40+ years of investment experience in TMT sector. Team members have led investments in several outstanding companies, such as Xiaomi, 91 Assistant, Sungy (GOMO), Tudou, Linekong, IOBit, DX, Baofeng, Mogujie, Beibei, Dovo, Razer, G-bit, IWJW, Avazu, Testin, Huami, Lifesense, Zhongrongjin etc.
Investors of Banyan Capital include world-class sovereign wealth funds, university endowment funds, family foundations, pension funds and fund of funds, as well as successful entrepreneurs, including founders and managements of Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, JD, Xiaomi, Focus Media and VIPShop. They will provide with valuable industry resources, entrepreneurial experience, and global perspectives.


The Advisory Committee of Glory Ventures is composed of partner of top tier Chinese VC, senior scientist of Chinese internet giant, executive of Israeli hi-tech MNC, partner of top tier Israeli law firm, all of which have global and professional background. Their strong industrial and people network can help Glory Ventures make the optimal investment decision, as well as provide all-around post-investment service and industrial resources.

Henry Lu



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